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The Viggo: Mason

Can their love survive the judgment of others?

Turning the big 4-0 has Jocelyn Nichols sitting at her favorite restaurant bar, alone, forgoing a night out with her girlfriends to reflect on her life. She’s a wealthy widow whose biggest regret is living a life void of adventure. The future is flooded with concerns: the what nows and where to even start?

Mason Kopp, co-owner of the popular restaurant, The Viggo, has seen the alluring blonde several times, but he’s never had a chance to speak with her. But it’s a slow night, and the thoughtful woman calls to him. He’s both surprised and pleased when it doesn’t take much to convince her to join him for a night of adventure—after he promises to be on his best behavior.

Jocelyn is captivated by her blooming friendship with the devilishly handsome, young, bar owner. Thirteen years younger to be exact. A fact that she reminds herself of often, and more so with Mason’s desire to make her his.

She finds herself falling for the outgoing man who helps push her toward a life and career that she never believed she could have. But there is one little complication: thirteen years. Passive remarks from their friends start to plant seeds of doubt that the couple could have a real future together. The saying that age is just a number is proving to be just that—a saying.

A determined Mason is ready to convince Jocelyn that they are meant for one another, the world be damned. But can he do it before she runs?

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Found By You

Sometimes getting lost is the only way to be found.

Annaliesa James and Kenslie Walker have been planning the European trip of a lifetime since their freshman year of college. Now, with graduation behind them, they’re ready to set sail. One last hoorah before they move away to conquer their own dreams.

They’re a few days from leaving when Kenslie’s boyfriend, Everett, throws a wrench in everything, sending her to Europe with a broken heart.

The ever-meticulous Annaliesa has the trip planned to a tee until a twist of fate leaves her stranded alone with a mysterious stranger who becomes an unlikely friend. Ryker helps Anna let her hair down and learn to live in the moment.

Kens is shocked when Everett suddenly appears, causing her to make a rash decision, which results in her being separated from Anna.

As Kens and Anna search for each other they find more than they ever expected, but is it enough to mend a broken heart and open another to love?

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A  T & A  MMA  Novel

Sometimes love must take you down to show you who’s there to pick you up.

Wade Kerney has just returned home from an out-of-state college. He’s working on completing his chiropractic degree and will be resuming his duties as co-owner at his family’s mixed martial arts gym. But coming home is bittersweet. When his present collides with his past, he’s forced to figure out exactly who he is and what he wants. He is completely aware of his commitment issues, but he never thought it was a problem…until now.

Kiki Matsuda is quiet, innocent, and maybe a little naïve. When she falls for the co-owner of the MMA gym she works at, who also happens to be the brother of her best friend, she can’t help but worry. But getting the blessing from her best friend isn’t the beginning to Kiki’s fairy-tale ending. She’s all in, but Wade’s refusal to do the same could be the demise of their relationship.

When tragedy strikes, can Kiki trust Wade to be there for her when she needs him the most?

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Content Warning: contains graphic language, some violence, sex, and adult content

Coloring for Charity

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Shaded with Love

Vol 2. Coloring Book for a Cause

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In It to Win It

InItToWinIt_MediumSix steamy stories to take between the sheets…

My story, Jab, is a T&A MMA Gym novella

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Falling Backwards

A Friends to Lovers Novella

***FREE on B&N, Itunes and Smashwords***

*** This novella was originally published as a part of the Passion in Portland Anthology. It is a short novella of 9,300 words. ***

Lon Whitlock and Allyea Taff have been best friends since the day they crashed into each other while moving into in the old brick apartment building in downtown Portland.
Allyea is a friend unlike any other he’s had. First of all, she’s a girl, and that’s never happened, most women are unable to resist his good looks and charm. Second, she’s more like one of the guys, working as the best wing man he’s ever had; someone he can just hang with and be himself.

From day one Allyea saw right through Lon’s prince charming act. That boy had player written all over him. Lucky for her he turned out to be a great friend. They were two peas in a pod, which was probably the reason she had trouble keeping a boyfriend. It was hard for men to understand their friendship.

When Lon’s brother comes for a visits and manages to catch Allyea eye, Lon is caught off guard by feelings of jealousy, forcing him to consider their friendship in another light.
After a declaration from Lon that he wants to take their friendship to the next level, there’s no going back to the easy friendship they had. Faced with the possibility of not only losing her best friend, but her heart, Allyea has a big decision to make.

Can she survive falling backwards into love?

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Dirty Boxing

A  T & A  MMA  Novel

DirtyBoxing_LargeShe was resistant, but he was insistent. A heart isn’t safe when you fight dirty.

Leena Clark is independent, fierce, and most importantly, always in control. As an event planner those are excellent qualities to have. Carrying those into a personal life doesn’t translate well, but that isn’t something that concerns her. She’s content living blissfully in her spinsterhood.

However, when temptation and foolish curiosity clash, she allows the one man she shouldn’t to get close to her. After insisting it was a mistake, she finds herself relying on the fighter for help out of a difficult situation. But his help comes with a price.

Gavril Alenin has been waiting for the opportunity to get close to the beautiful, self-assured, and guarded Leena, and her moment of weakness is his chance to fight for the future he wants. Now in his fifteenth year as a professional MMA fighter, he’s ready to get out of the game, but not without a very specific plan: fight for the title one last time, then settle down with the reluctant Leena. But when he finally gets close to the girl of his dreams, everything else in his world falls apart.

When life turns their world on its head they have to decide if what they have is worth the fight, or will they lose it all because of fears and broken dreams?

Content Warning: contains graphic language, some violence, sex, and adult content

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Don’t Tap Out

A  T & A  MMA  Novel

DontTapOut_Large (1)

Does love have a fighting chance when it’s standing in the way of a dream?

Vivette Kerney has been working in her family’s mixed martial arts gym her entire life, but with the passing of her parents she now owns the prestigious T&A MMA gym. Running the day-to-day operations while also trying to open her own non-profit gym is exhausting, but it’s a labor of love. A personal life is the last thing on her mind, but the new fighter is proving difficult to ignore. He’s very sexy, very charming, and a very unwelcomed distraction. One thing she vowed never to do is fall for a fighter, now if she can just remember that.

Colin Davenport is a former wrestler who traded the Olympic tryouts for a career in mixed martial arts. After having an impressive amateur career he’s recruited to join the elite T&A MMA gym and train professionally. It was a choice he had been unsure of…until he saw Vi, the beautiful, spirited, brunette owner of the gym. Now Colin is having a hard time remembering he’s at the gym to chase a dream, not a girl.

Going against all of the rules, including a strict gym rule that prohibits fraternization between the fighters and staff, they give into their growing chemistry. Can they both keep from tapping out when love and dreams collide?

Content warning: Graphic language, violence, sex and adult content

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  1. Tara

    Can’t wait to read your first book!

  2. Donamuree Holmes

    Sounds like a wonderful book! Cannot wait to 1-click this and dive right in!!!

  3. Rhonda Ziglar

    I am excited to read your new book.

  4. Jenn

    Loved it. Please tell me others at the gym will be getting stories.

    • aklaytonwrites

      I am glad you loved it, thank you! Yes, Leena and Gav will be getting a book very soon. Here is my Facebook link so you can stay up to date on whats coming up 🙂

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